5 Cons of Pro Real Estate Photos

        So often everyone is bombarded with the reasons and benefits of having a real estate listing professionally shot by a professional real estate photographer. Well I have decided to take the other side and reveal all of cons and true dark side of real estate photography!


  • You’ll have to arrange more showings. Who wants to take time out of their day to schedule a showing of one of their listings? Even worse, the potential buyer may not have a buyer’s agent yet, and you’d have to go all the way out to the house to show it yourself.
  • You’ll be spending more time on the phone. With the boosted online presence and showcasing you will have more potential buyers just blowing up your phone wanting to know more. Don’t they know you only have so many minutes every month?!
  • You wouldn’t have anything to do. Everyone knows how much spare time Realtors have, and what in the world would you do all day long if you couldn’t fill an hour or two of your day with driving out to the property and snapping your own photos.
  • Less image files. Crazy real estate photographers want to send way too many files. Web-optimized AND print-optimized files? Who cares if your photos load really slow and come out blocky when you print them on your flyers.
  • You will become THE realtor in my area. Everyone would be coming to you all-day long to ask you questions, list their houses, and show them new ones to buy. Don’t they know that there are other real estate agents in town?

I mean look at all of these.. What could POSSIBLY be the Pros?!

-Lance Hames