Onto Greener Grass..

Over the past six months Home Snappers has had a pretty rocky road. Lance was having to do the entire show; from driving the metroplex shooting to editing through all nighters. After a long stubborn period he gave in, and started looking for some teammates.

The first teammate was Nolan. He is probably the oldest looking, young, gentleman I have ever met. The Lord has also gifted him with a photographic eye that most people can only dream of being blessed with. Next was Kaitlin; driving was not for her, but she has more than a magic touch with Photoshop. Finally Lance sniped his extremely personable and incredible marketer of a brother from his father. Brett, could talk to a rock and get a response. Just wait until you meet him; greatest guy I have ever known.

Next it was time to restructure everything. Lance had very few systems in place, and nothing even remotely close to organization. We took everything and made it smooth. Let’s just say we are system crazy now. No more late photos, no more missed phone calls, no more slow responses to emails, no more broken links. This was a week ago. You thought Home Snappers was special before all of this just wait and see what we have up our sleeves next!

Some other things we did to step up our game:

  • Bought brand new gear, the best Nikon camera ever made, the D800 36 MegaPixel monster. FOR EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER.
  • Enlisted the service of a highly respected graphic designer to help us come up with a brand new logo.
  • Revamped our Portfolio with some of our absolute most recent work.
  • Created Twitter and Facebook personalities for our Teammates.
  • Added a new Hero Shot option for those killer listings!
  • Completely renovated our complimentary virtual tour to help you stand out in this huge sea known as the DFW Metroplex.
  • Created an optional payment system for automatic payments immediately following your shoot for extreme ease and speed of delivery.

All of this while keeping our less than 24 Hour turn around and competitive pricing with packages starting at $75!

Let us help you get more listings and get them on and off the market faster. Call or text us today at 972.533.6621, or shoot us an email at book@homesnappers.com